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Message from the Metro Serve Directors

The Board of Directors of Metropolitan Service FCU consists of 9 current and former employees of NSA Philadelphia. The directors have decades of experience working at ASO/NAVILCO/NAVICP and DISC/DPSC//DSCP/ DLA.  Metro Serve was organized in 1951 and now celebrates its 60th anniversary of providing financial services to thousands of employees/retirees and family members of NSA Philadelphia.


Credit Union History

Back in 1950, eight employees of the Naval Aviation Supply Depot discussed among themselves the wisdom of applying for a charter to form a credit union on the compound.

In March of 1951, the application was approved and charter #07161 was created in the name NASD-884 Federal Credit Union. In November of 1951 the charter name was amended to ASO-NASD Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. By 1952 we had grown to 780 members.  By 1955 membership had grown to over 1,000 employees. Employees were hired to actually run to credit union in order to relieve the volunteer officers.

In 1956, the name of the credit union was changed to Military Supply Federal Credit Union and remained known by that name until 1993.

Today we are known as Metropolitan Service Federal Credit Union.  A name that best represents the overall commitment and future direction of the credit union.  We are a financial institution with a desire to continue to bring only the finest of needed services to our deserving membership as they walk through the paths of life.


Benefits of Membership

Founded on the basic democratic premise of the cooperative movement, credit unions believe that access to low-cost financial services is critical to the health and stability of ordinary citizens.

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